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  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: Get Scared - Deepest Cut
  • Reading: Your mind :3
  • Watching: You sleep :3
  • Playing: LoL
  • Eating: AIR
  • Drinking: MORE AIR

1) Full Name: 

Vanessa Gomes... e.e

2) Male/Female: 


3) Were you named after anyone?:

Nuh, my dad and sis chose my name because there wasn't anyone in the family with it yet.

4) Does your name mean anything?:

I have no idea, I'm too lazy to search :'D

5) Nick Name(s):

Nessa, Nexinha, Taunty, FAG. etc etc

6) What do you think you look like... name wise: 

People tell me I look more like "Inês". Iunno.

7) Date Of Birth: 

26th of November, 1997.

8) Place of Birth and Current Location:

Born and raised in Almada/Seixal, Lisbon, Portugal.
Currently living in Clermont-Ferrand, France.


Portuguese. c:

10) Astrology Sign: 

 Sagittarius e.e

11) Chinese Astrology Sign:

According to the internet I'm an Ox xD

12) Religion

I'm not part of any religion but I have my own beliefs. c: It's not something I like to talk about though, since alot of people get offended easely xD

13) Whats your favorite smell?:

There's a playboy perfume I really loved but I never found it in the stores again :c

14) Political Position?:

Vote Cthulhu for president.

15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?:

I normally never feel to good eating in the morning, but I think any tea is good enough.

16) Hair + Eye colour: 

Dark brown and greenish eyes :3 only visible in the sun however e.e

17) Do you look like anyone famous?:

Is there any Turd that is famous?

18) What do you look like?:

Check my profile and look at my faggot face pls

19) Any unusual talents?: 

Being awkward as fuck :'D

20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: 

Righty :3

21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?:

Confused. ....ConFUCKED.

22) What do you do for a living?:

Lazying around. But I'm gon take my driver's license soon.

23) What do you do for fun?:

Drawing butts and dicks. Preform worse so toxic players hate me more. Eat. Look at myself and laugh at how big of a loser i am

24) What are your favorite art materials to work with?: 

My shitty laptop and my tablet.

25) What kind of materials would you like to work with?: 

I'd like to get a more potent laptop or desktop. And a big tablet with a screen so I can see the bullshit im doing better

26) Have you met your grandparents?:

Yeah, only one passed away before I could meet him, hopefully he's in good hands.. u.u


27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend:

My hand <3


28) Crush: 

Kaneki and Kou ;///^///;

29) What celebrity would you date if you could?: 

Evan Peters stole my heart...


30) Current worries?:

Hurting the people around me


31) Favorite online Guy/Girl(s): 

Chrissy, Junior, Dyno, Diogo....and the Kaneki dakimakuras

32) Favorite place to be?: 



33) Least favorite place to be?: 

Anywhere crouded

34) Do you burn or tan?: 



35) Ever break a bone?: 

My arm, once.


 36) What is your favorite cereal?:

Anything chocolate.

37) Person you cry with: 

My imaginary friend


38) Any sisters: 

1 older sister.


39) Any brothers: 

In heaven.

40) Any pets: 

My little murderer, Kira! Meanest pussy I know :'3


41) An Illness: 

Anxiety counts maybe.


42) A Pager: 


43) A Personal phone line:



44) A Cell phone: 



45) A visible birthmark:


46) A Pool or hot tub:



47) A Car: 



Describe Your...


48) Personality: 

Hmmm...Well, I'm really shy, really awkward, and pretty antisocial. But when you get to know me, I'm really nice and funny, barely serious, and weird as fuck.

49) Driving:

In GTA? WELL...........

50) Your clothing style: 

Uhm, idk. I like hoodies and anything big.


51) Room: 

It has a bed. And a closet. ye


52) What's missing: 



53) School:

No school. <3


54) Bed: 

My side hoe. Always there... eue


55) Relationship with your parent(s): 

It's good I think. I love them, despite sometimes arguing with my mom.

56) Do You believe in yourself: 

Nope. Not a bit.


57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: 



58) Consider yourself a good listener:

Yeah, I like listening. I actually prefer to just listen, I'm not good at giving advices.

59) Have a future dream that you would like to share?:

I don't know...but I would love to have a job anything to do with drawing.

60) Get Along with your parents:

Yeah ofc


61) Save your e-mail conversations:

MSN is gone! Q^Q


62) Pray: 

Sometimes I guess


63) Believe in reincarnation: 

It's a possibility


64) Brush your teeth twice a day?: 


65) Like to talk on the phone:

Nope, I'm awkward as fuck, like I said

66) Like to eat?: 



67) Like to exercise?:

i exercise my fingers while typing....

68) Like to watch sports?: 

not really, kinda boring


69) Sing in the car?



70) What is a dream that you have all the time?: 

being abandoned by my parents :'c

71) Dream in color: 

ye i guess?

72) Do you have nightmares?:

I have more nightmares that I have dreams


73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: 

I have a Sonic plushie <3


74) Right next to you:

Uh, well to my left there's a fish tank xD and to my right is my mom on her laptop too xD

75) On your favorite coffee cup?: 

Well, if it doesn't have coffee then it has air right?

76) On your mouse pad: 

No mouse pad


77) Your favorite flavor of gum?: 

I don't really care honestly, as long as it's not mint. I hate it

78) Your brand of deodoraint?:

Any that smells good?

79) Your dream honeymoon spot:

I'd really like to visit Germany or Italy. Maybe Japan too. But hey I'm never gonna get married so what

80) Your dream husband/wife:

Kaneki >:C


81) Hiding in your closet?: 

Diogo e.e We agreed that I could kidnap him and keep him in my closet and rape eachother 5 times a day everyday. I also will feed him chocolate milk.

82) Under your bed: 

Maybe he's hiding there now for a change, who knows

83) The name of one of your closest/best friends?: 

Chrissy and Junior!

84) Your bad time of the day:

All day

85) Your worst fear(s): 

What's hiding in the dark :C and mudafukin spiders

86) What's the weather like:

Almost snowing

87) Your favorite time of year?: 

July, August?

88) Your favorite holiday?: 

I don't have a favourite o: I kinda like all. But I guess I'll say Halloween and Carnival

89) A material weakness?: 

Band merch e.e even tho i dont have any....WHY AM I POOR

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: food....

91) At the top of your "to-do list"?: 

Stop being a lazy fucktard. Never checked :C

92) The hardest thing about growing up: 

Getting old xD

93) A pet peeve?: 


94) Your scariest moment: 

When I thought the food i was saving for later was eaten by someone else. But then fortunately i found it :3

95) Your attitude about love?:

Uh...honestly I think it's something really good, feels amazing, when both parts love eachother. But It's a painful experience, hard to take rejection from. Weird as fuck. No one understands love truly, so...
It's fucked up.

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?:

I hurt myself in order to get attention, from both sexes. Dumb as shit I know. You may punch me now.

97) The worst feeling in the world: 

Rejection. Being made fun of for being who you truly are.

98) The best feeling in the world:


99) Who sent this to you?:


100) 6 people you tag:
i dont want to annoy anyone so.


Murdx's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Yo! Call me Taunty or Taunts. I'm a 18 year old little immature brat that likes to stay home all day in her pajamas, lazily sitting on the couch and stalking people's profiles. Like the creeper I am. But generally, I'm really nice. But also extremely shy, however once I get to know you I'll get as weird as anyone can be.
I'm portuguese, born in portugal. But I live in France currently, for almost 5 years. I talk English, Portuguese, French and spanish I can make myself understandable.
My hobbies consist of drawing; anything Sonic, Homestuck, LoL/Game art and anime shits. I love playing games even though I'm broke and can't afford any, I take the chance to try them out in the stores xD or become a pirate...ifyouknowwhatimean. And i'm always listening to music. Genres? I like a little bit of everything. Yes, everything, as long as I like the song, doesn't matter the genre. But my all time favourite will be Metal or anything that has a good guitar so I can headbang alone at home <3 Favourite bands? Lots of them, but RED, Slipknot and Mudvayne are my favourites since I like all their songs.

But yeah, I'm generally a nice person. I can be funny, barely serious. But I can also listen to anyone that needs to talk. I'm a really good listener, even though most of the times I don't have advices to give, I like listening and trying to help. c:
So if you ever need someone to talk, I am here! ^^ Let it be relationship problems, family issues, anything. You don't need to say names, or what it is exactly, as long as you feel better. ^^
So never be afraid to talk with Taunty! I love meeting new people and conserving old ones <3

Contact me:

LoL Summoner Name: TauntyChan (EUW)
Skype: xtaunt
Facebook: Taunty Chan

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