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Yo doods! <3
I want to thank you all SO much for wishing me a happy birthday~! You were all really nice but now I feel old. xD Fucking reached 18, now responsibilities will start to punch me in the stomach :CCC
BUT...I'm legal now...I can do...stuff...legally. HUEHUEHUEHUE ê u ê Like you know, vote. Yeah, that's it.
But yeah, my day was normal you know; I didn't really care about it. I used to get all hyped over my birthdays, wanting cakes and nummies and gifts. But I've grown old and sad and meh, it's just another day. x3 However, I was promised in real like I will have to celebrate it hardcore this friday; 8I Hope no one gets me drunk....or as much. xD I don't drink so that wouldn't be too nice. But yeah it's normal, 18. THAT age...hue...
In the matter of gifts I got a piercing, my first piercing. x'D I've been wanting to do one for a really long time, but I was young and my mom yknow...was scared i would regret it. xD but yeah I chose to do it and there, didn't hurt at all.
I got some clothes :'3 Cause I'm fat ofc i need more clothes. xD and I got a really cute skin for my favourite Champ on LoL, Pool Party Lulu, given by GurdyJunior. I'm really thankfull for him x3

And yeah, no cake. But I'll have sushi tomorrow so all's good. :3
Just wanted to share it with you guys and take the chance to once again thank you for the support n stuff.
I love you fagbutts~! :heart:


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Yo! Call me Taunty or Taunts. I'm a 18 year old little immature brat that likes to stay home all day in her pajamas, lazily sitting on the couch and stalking people's profiles. Like the creeper I am. But generally, I'm really nice. But also extremely shy, however once I get to know you I'll get as weird as anyone can be.
I'm portuguese, born in portugal. But I live in France currently, for almost 5 years. I talk English, Portuguese, French and spanish I can make myself understandable.
My hobbies consist of drawing; anything Sonic, Homestuck, LoL/Game art and anime shits. I love playing games even though I'm broke and can't afford any, I take the chance to try them out in the stores xD or become a pirate...ifyouknowwhatimean. And i'm always listening to music. Genres? I like a little bit of everything. Yes, everything, as long as I like the song, doesn't matter the genre. But my all time favourite will be Metal or anything that has a good guitar so I can headbang alone at home <3 Favourite bands? Lots of them, but RED, Slipknot and Mudvayne are my favourites since I like all their songs.

But yeah, I'm generally a nice person. I can be funny, barely serious. But I can also listen to anyone that needs to talk. I'm a really good listener, even though most of the times I don't have advices to give, I like listening and trying to help. c:
So if you ever need someone to talk, I am here! ^^ Let it be relationship problems, family issues, anything. You don't need to say names, or what it is exactly, as long as you feel better. ^^
So never be afraid to talk with Taunty! I love meeting new people and conserving old ones <3

Contact me:

LoL Summoner Name: TauntyChan (EUW)
Skype: xtaunt
Facebook: Taunty Chan

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